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Atlanta Door Closer Repair | Door Closer Installation Atlanta

Atlanta Door Closer Repair | Door Closer Installation AtlantaAutomatic door closers add convenience for your patrons and employees. It allows them to enter and exit your building comfortably and conveniently. Automatic closers also help lower your utility bill by making sure the door closes.

A door closer is a device that controls the speed of a door opening and closing. A series of values control the speed of hydraulic fluid passing from one reservoir to another regulating a spring tension. It also controls the swing speed and latching speed. Different closers have different features. Some have back check adjustments, latching speed controls, and delay action.

Back check adjusts how easily the door opens and prevents the door from being flung wide open suddenly. Latching speed is when the door is fully shut this feature makes sure the door latches securely. The delay action allows the door to close steadily to allow time to enter and eliminates the need to pull the door shut after closing.

We carry a wide range of door closers such as LCN, Norton, Jackson, Rixon, LSDA, CAL-Royal and Global just to name a few.

Atlanta Door Closer Repair | Door Closers Installation Atlanta

In the case of automatic door closers, paying a higher price for a quality closer could save time in less need of repair, and longer life especially if it is a heavily used door. When purchasing one, there are several factors to consider. First, how much door traffic do you have? Automatic door closers are labeled as to how much traffic they can endure before being replaced. Second, select one that has several features like back check adjustments, latching speed controls, and delay action.

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