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Atlanta Safes | Key Combination Safes Atlanta | Digital Safes | Safes With Keys Atlanta

We can change safe combinations as well as replace manual dials with electronic push button locks

Atlanta Safes | Key Combination Safes Atlanta | Digital Safes | Safes With Keys Atlanta

Atlanta Safes | Key Combination Safes Atlanta | Digital Safes | Safes With Keys AtlantaSafes have a variety of functions, and all of them include protection of any important documents or any other type of valuable item. Such things require protection from theft and floods, fires, or any other natural disaster.

There are different types of safes, but the two main types of safes are those which are designed for business use, and those which are designed for use in the home.

In today’s world, safes have become essential in almost every household to keep important and valuable items secure. But stress not! You are now able to choose from a wide variety of safes, each manufactured for different types of requirements. Here are descriptions of 4 main different types of safes that are popular today.

Wall mounted safes are one of the popular types. For better security provision, these types of safes are mostly hidden behind any cabinet, door or wall art pieces. Usually these are not too big in size, as the walls cannot carry too heavy items. That is why you cannot keep large or big sized things inside the wall safes. Basically, it is ideal for safeguarding things like jewelry, cash or important documents.

Fire safes are quite useful to protect the important items from the hazard of fire. Fire accidents can occur any time and it can lead to total destruction of the vital papers and documents. These safes are prepared in such a way that they cannot get affected by fire or heat and thus the contents of the safes remain secured. There are varieties of fire safes models depending upon different level of heat bearing capacity.

Floor safes will be ideal when you want to store items with large dimension. Although these safes are placed on the floor, these are quite safe. Being extremely heavy and strong, burglars cannot think of breaking them. Having one such safe can solve all your security issues related to the important and valuable items. However, you must invest on an additional lock on these safes to ensure complete security. Since, these are too big, you cannot hide them inside the wall. It will be better to place these safes somewhere inside your house, like basement, attic or bedroom.

Gun safes are particularly useful to them, who are licensed to use or buy guns. These safes are used to protect these firearms from the children of the household or from outsiders. These safes are normally bolted with the wall or floor, so that no one can move the guns from their own place.

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service offers the following types of safes: 

  • Fire Protection Safes
  • Commercial Safes
  • Depositories 
  • Cash Drop Safes
  • Media & Record Safes
  • Wall-Mounted Safes
  • Concealed Safes
  • Firearm & Gun Safes

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