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We are Atlanta's oldest locksmith company!

Locksmith to rekey locks AtlantaImagine a scenario where you misplace the key to your house or office and you have no spare key, perhaps the one that got lost was the spare key. This would mean you would have to break the door to get access to your house. Well, I have some good news for you, if you had a master key that will open almost any kind of lock, it would save you the trouble of having to break into your own home or office. Anytime Lock and Key Service Company has got you covered.    

Who are we?   

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service is Atlanta’s Locksmith Company is committed and dedicated in providing professional locksmith services in Georgia. Was founded in 1959, Anytime Lock and Key has been in the locksmith industry for over half a century hence is well-endowed with vast experience and skill in this trade. A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service are simply the best locksmiths in Atlanta because of the dedication we have in providing high quality and professional services to our clients.  

Our Locksmith Services  

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service prides itself in offering a variety of services in the locksmith industry. With the kind of experience and knowledge gained over the many years in this industry, you are well assured of high quality and professional services. We offer the following services:   

Lock Repair  

You do not have to replace your lock the minute it gets faulty. There are times you might need to replace yet other times when a simple repair would do. This would save you time and money. We offer lock repair services at your home or business premise at no extra cost.   

Master Security Locks For Businesses in AtlantaMaster Keying 

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service offers a great solution to all your key problems. We can create master keys for you that will fit in almost every lock. This is good news for business or office owners because we can make for you a master key that can fit in all offices in your company but your staffs retain only the original keys to their offices. This can be done too if you own several properties. We can save you the hustle of carrying around a heavy bunch of keys.   


Rekeying is a better option as compared to replacing the entire lock. When you misplace your keys, you can have it rekeyed to another different key that can actually open the lock. This is great news especially for home owners, you can rekey the locks so that the previous owner cannot have access to your home or offices. 

Key Replacement and Duplication

One of the best Atlanta locksmiths offers you key replacement service as well as key duplication. In case you lost your key, A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service can make a replacement. For home owners or business owners, you can make duplicate copies of the keys for all your tenants or employees at the office.   

Deadbolt Repair   

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service can also conduct a deadbolt repair of your house or business premise to enhance the security by repairing the deadbolts.  Other services that we offer include door repairs, emergency services and protection against home invasion.  

Why Us?   


We offer professional locksmith services throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Having being in the locksmith industry for 59 years, we have the skill and experience required hence guarantee you value for your money.   

Customer Support

A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service also has a great team that is dedicated to give you the best customer support within the shortest period possible. This is the reason we retain many clients throughout Atlanta and beyond.   

Competitive Prices

We offer high quality services at very competitive rates. A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service will guarantee that you get custom made solutions at very affordable rates. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.   

In conclusion, A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service strives to always provide the best locksmith services in Atlanta. We have a variety of products as well which include high quality safes, gun safes, durable vaults, high security locks, safety equipment, cam locks, deadbolts, patio doors, door closers as well as exit bars. We are among the best Atlanta locksmiths because we are associated with the Associated Locksmiths of America hence we provide locksmith solutions you can trust.

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