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Atlanta Locksmith Reviews | Locksmith Testimonials Atlanta

Atlanta Locksmith Reviews | Locksmith Testimonials Atlanta

We can talk all about what we can do for you but what really matters is what others have to say about us. If you would like to speak to some of our clients give me a call (770) 897-9002.

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I have been using the locksmith services of A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service for many years. As a Realtor, we are often notifiedat the last minute to have locks changed on a property for security reasons. Eddie has always been there to help us meet these last minute requests and satisfy the needs of our property owners. Many times on bank owned properties, they may request a certain key code or they may only want specific locks changed and other locks left unchanged.

 A-AAnytime Lock & Key has always risen to the occasion and satisfied the unusual requests we require. A-AAnytime Lock & Key has always helped us save money but recommending cost saving solutions that we never thought of.

They are well equiped to handle whatever security needs you may have, from locking your keys in the car to a fully functioning access control system. It is in my opinion, that you will not find a more professional locksmith company to answer your security needs than A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service.

 Eddie Williams will make sure the locksmith job will be done right the first time and save you money in the process.

 Brian Brock



I have a rental property in Georgia and am loving in Michigan. I needed a bunch of locks rekeyed for my tenants and James was really easy to do business with. I was able to fedex him my keys and he took care of  coordinating with the tenants and sending me back my master keys.

Recommend highly!

Jesse F



James was quick, professional, and did a great job for a reasonable price. I would recommend him to any of my friends. 

Steve/Jan. 2014


I have been doing business with A-AAnytime Lock & Key for about 5 years now. It is easy to see why they have been in business for so many years.

Their level of professionalism and their knowledge of locksmithing far surpasses my experience with any previous locksmith company.

Anyone looking for a locksmith company that will not just hand them a bill but will help find cost-effective solutions for your locksmith needs A-AAnytime Lock & Key is the best in my book!

John Hewitt 
Property Manager
Tara Properties, Inc.


I have used A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service for multiple jobs, both personal and business related since 2002. Eddie is the only locksmith I have saved in my cell phone to call when I or a policyholder needs his services. He does an outstanding job!!

A-AAnytime Lock & Key operates with only the highest integrity with excellent results and very cost effective!

Rick Binfield

Agent at State Farm

Rick Binfield Agency


Atlanta Locksmith Reviews | Locksmith Testimonials Atlanta


Eddie is a highly professional & skilled tradesman of the locksmith community. He is very experienced and he is not the type of locksmith out to make a fast buck, he really cares. His locksmithing skills are far superior than any locksmith I have ever worked with in the past.

His working relationship with his suppliers makes working with him fast experience and in turn we have less down time. I would highly recommend Mr. Williams for any locksmith projects requiring your security of safes.

Stan Wynes had Mr. Williams rekey all of our locks to the same key. Not only was he very professional and knowledgeable about his trade but he also gave us some very good tips on how to secure our windows and other points of entry. I would recommend their locksmith service to anyone.

Katie Nelson


A-AAnytime Lock & Key Service came out and did an assessment on my business and recommended Primus High Security Locks which we installed. I have been very pleased with the locks and the service that this company provides. When I call them they always answer the phone and answer any questions that I may have or come out and deliver us more keys or whatever we may need.

John Kawalski


Anytime Lock & Key replaced all of our interior and exterior locks on our home. Eddie was very helpful in answering all our questions. Anytime will be our choice of locksmith’s when we need lock work.

Karen Harell


I went outside to work in the garden and discovered that I had locked myself out of my home. Went to a neighbor’s house and used there phone to call a locksmith. I called Mr. Williams and he came out and opened my home and made me some extra keys. His service was very quick and affordable.

Dwight Gregory


A-AAnytime Lock & Key for the prompt and professional locksmith service they provided for me in my time of need. You will always have my business and if I can help it you will have my friends business too.

Thank you for your service!

Tanya Douglas


Someone broke into our store through the front doors breaking the pivots on the doors. We had several lock and key companies come out and fix the doors only to have the repairs break a few weeks later. After the third time they broke after being repaired we decided to call different locksmith company.

Mr. Williams with A-AAnytime Lock & Key came out and explained that the doors were never going to work properly again with standard pivots because when the thief pried open the doors he broke part of the aluminum frame that secures the pivots and there was really no way to secure the pivots.

Mr. Williams suggested replacing the pivots with continuous hinges. He said by installing the continuous hinges it would make the doors more secure and we would have no more problems with the doors.

Six months later the doors are working better than they did when they were new and we have had no more problems with them. The up front cost of the hinges was not cheap but it was a lot less than replacing the doors.

Thanks Mr. Williams!!!

Rodger Patel


Lost our vending machine keys and called several locksmiths and they said they did not make the round keys for vending machines. We called A-AAnytime Lock and they came out and made keys for all our vending machines. They were fast and reasonable.

Asaad Mastif
Motel 6


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