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We are a family locksmith company and we have been serving Atlanta and surrounding areas since 1959. We still have clients that my dad provided locksmith services to in the early 60's. We pride ourselves as being one of the oldest locksmith companies in Atlanta.

Our reputation proves we are one of the most trusted locksmith companies in Atlanta. We can provide referrals upon request, we offer this referral service because we know we are up against many fly by night locksmith companies.

Call us today for a FREE over the phone quote (770) 897-9002 or more information about my locksmith company.

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Residential Locksmith Services

Our primary purpose is to protect your family and your home. Call us to stop a burglary before it happens. We only sale the highest quality of locks and hardware to protect your precious possessions and our installation services are superb!


Commercial Locksmith Services

Our commercial locksmith services has been serving stores, factories, public and private offices, and commercial buildings in the greater Atlanta and Macon Ga areas for over 50 years. Our commercial locksmith service is offered with affordable pricing and has earned us an unbeatable reputation for excellence satisfying all commercial security needs with our clients.

Commercial Master Locksmith Services

Property Management Locksmith Services

Our property management locksmith services provides for multi-residential communities, apartment buildings, home offices, clubs, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, stores, warehouses, high-security companies, high rise commercial office buildings and more.

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